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Hey Palm Addict,

How come no comments!
I guess you're deleting them, you Microsoft shilling propagandist.

How is it that nearly every tech blog on the net is written by some Microsoft creep like you? Even the Palm and iPhone blogs.

john doe

that's strange...
after i read this blog post, i thought it is mocking Microsoft instead of Apple.
is it just me, or is that zato guy is stupid??
i bet he only read the title but not the whole post, a typical blind cold-hearted Apple fanboy.

fake steve

hey zato,

How come no brain before posted up ur comment?!?
I guess you're just one stupid & perverted gay Apple fanboy.

How is it that every Apple fanboyish like u always make stupid comments?? Even at Palm and iPhone blogs.

nada pointy finger

hey let's give zato a break,

he's obviously not the smartest guy on the face of the planet, and definetely doesn't speak for the rest of Apple fans either.

I'm a Mac, and I believe this article speaks the truth about Mac's weak spot and the ugly side of Microsoft, both at the same time. A well written article I'll say...

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