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Chris Trower

My app store is actually faster and more responsive after the update..contrary to what the article says

Sharon Blatz

It is a disaster. It killed my iPhone and will NOT restore. Avoid this POS at all costs!


I've been a long time user of Treos. First, I had a Treo 650 and then a 680. Before the Treos, I used Palm PDAs. I bought a Centro for my son. The 680 was a buggy piece of junk from the start. So with some trepidation I recently replaced it with an iPhone 3G and I LOVE IT! The screen is gorgeous, adding apps is a piece of cake, the GPS feature is great, I love having wifi, etc. As for the supposed shortcomings, it isn't that hard to type on the touchscreen. Mashing those little buttons with your thumbs isn't so great either. I'd never type anything longer than a very short email on either device. Long emails have to wait for a real computer and real keyboard. Web access was always slow and just a disappointing experience on the Treos. I tried editing documents on them. All I can say is "Big deal! No thank you!" Editing documents was hard to do with the relatively small screen. I'd rather boot up the laptop and find a wifi source. I tried getting faxes via Treo and they were so big that I had to scroll around to read one letter at a time. Why stick with the Treo to do one thing that I did rarely and that was a pain.

Sorry but Palm's simply cannot compare to an iPhone as a mobile computing platform, which is what an iPhone is. The Palm OS's days are numbered unless Palm gets on the ball and updates it substantially. They really don't have anything that competes with the iPhone. Sure they're pretty good smart phones, but the iPhone is a web enabled computing platform in the pocket. By the way, I've upgraded to 2.2 with no problems. But then I use Vista and like that too. I'm convinced some people can't leave well enough alone and go looking for trouble. When they do, they usually find it or it finds them.

J Siu

y problem is that it slowed right down my WiFi connection. (3 G still fine) Nothing could load other than Google, takes to long so I get time out. Even the App. store and itune store time me out because it's sooooo slow. DO NOT update to 2.2. I never had any problem with 2.1. So angry that I did this update.


Harry, your credibility went right out the window when you defended Vista. There is a reason XP 'downgrade' disks are being included with new PCs. I just canceled my download of 2.2. I will wait for the next one.

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