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So... We're down to reporting problems reported forums as "news"...? The 2.0.2 update is fine. A tiny minority of people have problems (Rather than "many") Its just yet more sensationalism from blogs...


apparently you'd better stick with palm news, because you can not apparently report accurately about iPhone news.

the split account was BEFORE the 2.0.2 update, a "large" number of users which apparently means "2" users according to you, did not see a better connection, while only about 200 to 500 saw better connections from 2.0.2. which ofcourse apparently is "very few" according to you... and that's 200 to 500 out of the 2000 that are having problems, out of 3 million iphone 3G's that are not.

and if you download an application, and have to re-download that application, the app store will know that it is already purchased, and let you do it again, so your comment about "keeping your purchase slips" is also all wet?


You may want to correct this story --
the Appleinsider quote does not
apply to the 3G reception/network handoff issue, but the iPhone app
crashing bug, a very different issue.


Ouch! My eyes ! You ought to change the background pattern, It looks rubbish


When will my Palm Treo get an update?

Oh, that's right, not this month, not in September, and not ever.

I'm supposed to go buy a WiMo Treo. I bought an iPhone instead, and ended up with way more ability to do things I couldn't do on the Treo (like browse the real web, play back real video, sync data reliably) and missing a few things I could only do on the Treo (like take worthless grainy videos with inaudible sound, and copy paste data around using the stylus and menus).

Needless to say, I'm not considering a move back to Palm hardware.

Constable Odo

I'm not much concerned about the article since Apple is still working on iPhone fixes, but the comments background is really putting a hurtin' on my eyes. Please change it. Black type with a gray and black striped background is a terrible idea.

Pecos Bill

2.02 works the same here as 2.01 though it seems to hunt between networks more. A select few are having big problems, but it's a problem that needs to be fixed via SIM card (or provisioning).

Kenneth Studivant

I think you previous posters are complete idiots, steve jobs could sell you people a rock in a box for $300.00 and you would defend the color of the rock for him, there is clearly a problem with the 3g in the iphone 3g, if your not having a problem then im happy for you, but many others are!

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