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OK, we are not having a throwaway this time, we are going to have a contest. One lucky PalmAddict reader will win a TreoPro, the fantastic new smartphone from Palm. Obviously they are not available yet but as soon as they are, I will personally fund a TreoPro to one lucky winner. The TreoPro is open to US readers only, I will also give away as a prize for those outside of the US, a new Tungsten TX, so there will be two winners for this contest.

It's a total random drawing and you just send me a user thought or mobile opinion maybe something on how you use your mobile device or something on the same lines but importantly make it positive. A couple of quick guidelines. Questions to readers or opinions wanted from readers go in the forum [they are not entered]; no self site or software promotions or you will not be entered and nothing you have sent before or used elsewhere. No personal plea's as to why you want the TreoPro or what you will do with it as they are trashed immediately we want to hear your mobile thoughts and how your using your mobile device. Importantly give your user thought a title, or again you will not be entered. If your writing about a program then you must include the link so others can enjoy the program.

Open to readers and writers [writers post as normal and I'll post on the front page when you need to send me your post counts]. As mentioned previously I appreciate the people who add kind words to me in their email, a small percentage just send their thought without even saying hi or how are you, they take it for granted that they are entered into the hat, so your thoughts with add on messages are always welcome and certainly entered. Please put TREOPRO in your subject line if your entering for the TreoPro or TX if you want me to enter you in the Tungsten TX draw, IMPORTANTLY give your user thought [or we will not enter you] a title, and then email - sammymcloughlin@gmail.com

The throwaway can end at any time, so you need to get your user thoughts and opinions into me sooner rather than later and have fun.