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Orders for Pierogis

Orders for Pierogis

Pierogi Order Form Email!

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I've received such great reviews of my Pierogis for the past several years, that I thought I would offer them to anyone that might want to order some as an opportunity to raise some money this Holiday Season.
I use my Mother's recipe and it's a traditional Polish one. We have these every year for Christmas Eve with my family and I know you'll enjoy them with your families, too!
Each dozen Pierogi will be $10.00 and any local delivery will include an additional $5.00 charge (only one charge per delivery, not per dozen). An invoice and heating instructions will be included with your order, and you may pay by cash at time of pick-up or delivery.
I'm offering three different fillings -
1) Potato
2) Potato and Farmers Cheese
3) Kapusta (Sour Kraut)
You may order them by the dozen and can choose to pick them up from my home, or for the small additional fee they can be delivered to you.
Thank you for your orders - and Happy Holidays!

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Versatile Stand for New iPad

There is an Kickstarter project for the new iPad, it's an stand, it looks great!

"Stand up your iPad at any angle using precision hinge technology found in the MacBook Air. Stunning aluminum design matches the iPad."

Endless viewing angles. By using the same precision hinge technology found in MacBook Air® notebooks, the integrated kickstand supports any desired viewing angle in smooth and precise fashion, time after time. Support for any angle allows people of all heights to gain an optimal, comfortable view of their iPad while seated or standing and regardless of the distance to the iPad.  

Take a look here.



Please make note of our new web address - palmaddict.net

Screen Shot 2012-03-12 at 10.17.53It's only taken me 13 years to assign PalmAddict a domain address. Please make note of our new web address - palmaddict.net
This post will remain a sticky for the time being. Normal posts resume below.



BBC News: Free mobile apps 'drain battery faster'

AngryBirds Food for thought from the BBC...

Free mobile apps which use third-party services to display advertising consume considerably more battery life, a new study suggests.Researchers used a special tool to monitor energy use by several apps on Android and Windows Mobile handsets.Findings suggested that in one case 75% of an app's energy consumption was spent on powering advertisements.Report author Abhinav Pathak said app makers must take energy optimisation more seriously...

Read the full article here



I put the iPad 3 under a microscope - along with an iPad 2 and Kindle Fire

My iPad 3 arrived yesterday and I put it, along with my iPad 2 and Kindle Fire, under my microscope.  Here are the images.  They are :

Kindle Fire at 10X

Fire 10x

Given the thickness of the Fire, I was not able to get the microscope to focus at 60x.

iPad 2 at 10x

Ipad2 10x

iPad 3 at 10x

Ipad 3 10x





iPad 2 at 60x

Ipad 2 60x

iPad 3 at 60x

20120316 132019298

iPad 2 icon

Ipad 2 icon

iPad 3 icon

20120316 132321626

 [Via TeleRead]



Boid Twitter client for Android

Another great twitter client for Android and this time it's Boid Twitter client for Android reviewed by Android Central. "I've always got my eyes peeled for the next great Twitter client on Android. Ever since I discovered Plume, I was hooked, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to the next best thing.Carbon looks like it'll give everyone a run for their money, but in the meantime, folks running Ice Cream Sandwich on their phones might want to direct their attention to Boid for Android, a Holo-themed, Android 4.0 exclusive that looks to tear you from the clutches of your favorite client and bring you to the Boid Side." Read in full: http://m.androidcentral.com/boid-android-app-review


What do you think of Deck for the jailbroken iPhone?

What do you think of Deck for the jailbroken iPhone?


8 Ways the iPad Can Help You Earn and Save Money

[From Hans] Another one from Forbes, 8 ways the iPad can help you earn and save money. "With Apple unveiling its new iPad today, even more consumers will likely be joining the “iPad revolution.” I’m not a techie by any means but I can tell you that the iPad has certainly changed my life in certain ways. It’s made accomplishing certain tasks both more efficient and more fun. So how can you bring some of that iPad magic to your financial life? (You didn’t really think it was just for playing Angry Birds did you?) Here are some things you can do while curled up on your couch with your iPad"


A Few Favorite Apps From A Few Of My Favorite Geeks

Screen Shot 2012-03-12 at 18.02.23 [From Hans] Interesting editorial over at Forbes. "My company sells applications. Just applications. Although we can be very dangerous, we do not specialize in infrastructure like hardware, networking or security. This is good because we can stay focused on the technology we know and be great with those programs. This is not so good because we have to rely on others to make sure our clients’ infrastructure is working correctly. And if a client’s infrastructure is not optimized, our applications look bad. And then we look bad. So over the past eighteen years of doing this in the Philadelphia area we’ve come across some great information technology people that have helped us succeed. Yes…geeks. These are the guys that probably spent most of their Saturday nights in high school doing lab experiments and playing Dungeons and Dragons with their other nerdy friends. Wait a second…that sounds pretty much like my Saturday nights in high school too."


iPhone Repairs

iphone repair.


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